As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a photographer. Anyway, it’s what I still do for fun. Together with my partner in crime we scare all the birds and fishes in and around Zwolle. Even the occasional person has to suffer our wrath and too much camera equipment.

We love traveling, not big distances, just reachable goals. Switzerland, France and the UK are among our favourite destinations. The next “big one” will hopefully be a big ass train ride through the Swiss landscape.

In the 2000’s I started working in IT, specifically in Healthcare environments. It has since been my passion to improve the life of others through my work. In the years since I’ve build up an interest in Domotics, which is a hot item in healthcare, and I have some fun using Pi’s, Home Assistant and that sort of things.

Final note, I like trains. Also on a smaller scale. Together with my parter we started building small N-scale tables (gotta love IKEA) and I dabble a bit in H0, but I don’t actually have the room for it. The mission of finding a suitable model railway hobby club is still underway.