About me

So I guess you want to know some stuff about me? Well, nice!

At the moment I work in IT, especially in the field of security and networking in a pretty big hospital. In my spare hours I like to fiddle around with other technical stuff. Currently that is using Arduino’s to do some home automation and building stuff to make our lives generally easier.

Besides that I like Lego and trains. Mostly steam trains. For indulging in that hobby I do some voluntary work at a local model railroad (scale of h0) and I’m considering building my first railroad diorama. The Lego also has trains involved, but building other stuff is very cool to. The trains are currently put away, but the idea is to use the Arduino Nano to function as a sort of decoder in the trains and thus manage a Lego railroad by means of that. That project is not very well on the way, but the basics are there, now it’s a matter of writing lot’s of code and figure out means to detect where a train is (which is how a “regular” digital/analog railway works). But with non-conductive rails, that is a good trick which I haven’t figured out yet.

Sometimes I like to get the camera out and start snapping pictures, which combines excellent with steam trains! There is also a small record collection (you know, the big, black round ones) to escape every now and then from the digital age to a place where everything was still normal 😉 Check out my Instagram!

You can always drop me a line @ info thethingie lichtsignaal.nl or contact me via Twitter