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Frankrijk 2019

  • 01-09-2018 VSM Terug naar Toen
    01-09-2018 VSM Terug naar Toen
    01-09-2018 VSM Terug naar Toen

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In 2019 France was chosen as place of residence for the summer. An assortment of pictures I took at several places in the mid of France, stretching from Normandy to Limoges.

Termunterzijl 2019

  • termunterzijl_024

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Beautiful location at the coastal region of what is almost the most northern point of the Province of Groningen. Walking between sheep and dike.

Yellowstone b/w

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Despite the fact that Yellowstone is known for it’s color, I started experimenting with a couple shots in black/white. I used Capture One for this and enhanced the pictures with some more extreme contrast for added value. Not Ansel Adams yet, but it inspires me 🙂

Foxhol 2019

  • D80_0239_web

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On a beautiful evening I went around the corner to find some stuff at a local electricity factory, I guess? In the middle of nature, so there are some weird contrasts here. Please enjoy the serenity and the fun I had using my 28-70 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/2.8 since a long time (I’m so hooked on the 50 f/1.4 lol).

VSM Terug Naar Toen 2018 – B/W Edition

  • D80_5714

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As per usual we went to the VSM event “Terug naar Toen”. This year I’ve created an album full of black/white with a strong emphasis on technical details. It looked like fun to me. Enjoy!

Middeleeuws Winschoten 2018

  • D80_5378

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The festival “Middeleeuws Winschoten” (Medieval Winschoten) is a local festival where I met with the guys and girls from who put up a great show. It was a true delight meeting them en putting them to the digital sensor of my new camera! Enjoy!

Schildmeer 2018

  • D80_4881_conv_sm

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At the local Schildmeer you just cannot rush into anything. This tiny lake has so much too offer in terms of wildlife, recreation and just sheer beauty. It’s almost too much.

Gent 2018

  • D80_4193_ (FILEminimizer)
    D80_4195_ (FILEminimizer)
    D80_4200_ (FILEminimizer)

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Gent has to be one of the most charming places of Belgium. Best enjoyed with a cold glass of Belgium ale in hand!

Kasteel Dussen

  • D80_4349_ (FILEminimizer)
    D80_4356_ (FILEminimizer)
    D80_4358_ (FILEminimizer)

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Castle Dussen is very small, but super nice castle in Brabant. As far as perfectly conserved goes, this is the place to be.

Lauwersoog met Christel

  • D80_3965

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First run with the new D800 and 28-70 f/2.8. Together with a friend who’s taking very brave steps on her way to becoming an excellent photographer!

VSM 2017

  • Copyright Bastiaan Visee 2005
    Copyright Bastiaan Visee 2005
    Copyright Bastiaan Visee 2005

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The yearly steamtrip to the VSM. Not a lot of pictures, but I like these the most. Note the model railroad! The Station Sauwerd built by R. de Vries! AWESOME!!

Strokartonfabriek Scheemda

  • 35

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A visit to an old factory (paper mill, actually). It’s been demolished, but they also used this location, later on, to shoot some scenes from “Zwartboek” I believe, a Dutch WW2 movie.


  • dsc_4594

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A little bit old-fashioned Dutch scenes with a slightly modern twist. Some experiments with HDR and, as per usual, a panorama 🙂

VSM 2016

  • vsm05

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Steam is a journey back in time and it’s still fascinating as it ever was.

Sand Sculptures

  • zand01

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Art and art. The weather was really good so the contrast is very nice in this series. Banana?

Zeeland 2014

  • pano_neeltjejans

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Zeeland has to be one of the nicest provinces of the country. So different from the north, but ofcourse with it’s own charm 🙂


  • verhildersum01

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This is a local site where they organise organic markets with lots of local produce. The view is nice too.


  • kever01

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Beatles, beetles etc. I like old cars!

Grunneger Fiets’n

  • fiets01

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The city of Groningen can’t be mentioned without tripping your own feet over either students and bikes and most of the time they belong together.

Poland 2013

  • polen01

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Impressive country with a lot of history (good and bad). Lots of beautiful scenery if you know where to look and friendly people.


  • beetsterzwaag01

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A very local village, still resisting the Roman occupation, ah no, wrong village 🙂