Monthly Archives: August 2015

Brain fart

Brain farts? We all have them, don’t worry. Usually though it doesn’t go that fast from idea to exectution. In this case, it did. Worse, the brain fart was much longer than the time I needed to build it. Check this out!

I made a very simple Etch-A-Sketch (without the shaking, but with the knobs) using an Arduino, two variable resistors and the Adafruit GFX library. The wiring took about two minutes because I misplaced some wires, so I had to search and the code was about 46s.

Surprise, digital Etch-A-Sketch was born! Somebody probably allready did it, but I thought it was cool to demonstrate the ease with which you can prototype on this smart lil’ platform.

Lego Trains again

Hello folks.

I’ve made a little project and video of my next step in Lego-train control land. You can check it out over here on YouTube

It’s basically simple detection with reed-contacts. I’ve placed a little magnet on the front of the train and the display let’s you look at where it is. Also this is my first go at the display, it works neat!

There are many, many, things to do. The next step will be detecting which way the train is going and using two magnets. On the front and on the back of the train. After that I’m thinking of running more trains on one track. The idea is to have one train automated and the other at manual control. So if the manual train blocks anything like a station or a section, the automated train reacts by stopping or whatnot.

Anyway, short text, but nifty progress. The reed magnets work perfect! I’ve just soldered them onto a little print which is made to fit between the Lego rails, like so:

IMG_3460-300x225 IMG_3461-300x225

Not the most compicated thing, but it runs really well. Much better than using physical buttons or photoresistors.