Lego on Arduino

For the past couple days I’ve been working on getting my Lego trains to run via an Arduino (actually, it’s a fake one, but who cares!). On my YouTube channel (link) you can find my first attempt at stopping and starting with ease-in and ease-out. It’s, ofcourse, done with an infrared light, but the track is too big, so I ordered more LED’s from China. Takes a while to get here though …

The next task will be dividing the track into sections so two trains can drive the same track, but stay out of each others hairs and/or pass each other. After that there will be, hopefully, signalposts and automated switches.

The track division is made with old “micro” pushbottons from some alarmclocks. For now this works fine, but I’m planning on using LDR’s instead. The pushbutton methode dates back to about the stoneage, but it still works fine. I’ll be posting a movie about that soon.

B.t.w, you should also check out Got some inspiration from there. I also Roland Wiersma a lot of thanks for creating the LegoPowerFunctions library for Arduino, found on GitHub. This library works really well!


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