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Arduino LED Light

You know those Philips very expensive LED lights? Yeah, we can do that too! But a lot cheaper. Order some Arduino’s, get some RGB leds from a famous Chinese source and get coding! I’ve made a little example here:

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It fades in when it becomes too dark. This takes about 10 secondes and it fades out when the light returns to normal. This is ideal for a night light or just regular lights in the living room. The concept is sound. I orginally tried to make each R, G and B led to fade in/out depending on the resistance of the LDR, but gives a really annoying flickering in most cases, so I decided to just fade in and fade out.

The code, nothing fancy, but it works nice. I’m using three LDR’s to get a good average reading, but I guess you can go with one if you want.